Project Consulting

BRAINLOG offers project creation and development consulting, assisting developers, entrepreneurs, and investors from private, governmental and non-profit organizations in the field of non-formal education, sport, youth, unemployment and social inclusion to create, apply and receive funding for their projects in Denmark and Norway. BRAINLOG provides strategic advice and project development solutions, as well as project supervising support.


BrainLog offers project consultation, creation, application and project development to governmental institutions, private companies and non-governmental organizations in youth, sport and non-formal educational sectors. We take the time to understand what they would like to achieve by their objectives, development and vision.

Then we provide a project application designed in accordance to the specific Fund Programme (Erasmus+ for example). In addition a detailed feasibility analysis of the project is issued in order to help them work out whether the project is worth pursuing, or not. Then we assist our partners, throughout the application process to obtain necessary EU funding approvals for the project to move forward easily from the relevant government authorities and help our clients throughout their venture to overcome different milestones.

Finally, when it comes to approved projects, BrainLog offers project management and development supervising collaboration. Many organizations do not have the necessary workforce, budget, nor time to manage projects. There are many complex stages in the process of project managment. Certain projects may last anywhere from 1 to up to four years. BrainLog is directly involved in all levels of the project creation, application and development. And every element of our project development and supervision approach is focused on achieving one goal: optimizing the potential and achieving all objectives of your organization.