CUB@Work Kick-OFF Online Project Meeting

CUB@Work – Cultural Unconscious Bias at the Workplace

The BrainLog team is delighted to inform you about the Online Kick-Off meeting for the project CUB@Work. The challenging situation regarding COVID has not affected the successful start of the CUB@work project and the consortium attended efficiently to an online Kick-Off meeting. The meeting was hosted through Zoom on the 6th and 7th of October 2020 by our partner who are the coordinator of the project – assist Gesellschaft für Unternehmensberatung und Personalentwicklung mbH (Germany).

Brainlog is glad to announce the organizations who are taking significant role for the development of the CUB@work project:

∙ assist Gesellschaft für Unternehmensberatung und Personalentwicklung mbH -Leading organization (Germany)
∙ Stowarzyszenie Centrum Wspierania Edukacji i Przedsiebiorczosci (Poland)
∙ LABC S.R.L. (Italy)
∙ Instalofi Levante (Spain)
∙ CO&SO -Consorzio Per La Cooperazione E La Solidarieta'-Consorzio Di Cooperativa-Sociaeta' Cooperativa Sociale (Italy)
∙ Institute Of Technology Tralee (Ireland)
∙ Krajowa Izba Gospodarcza (Poland)
∙ BrainLog (Denmark)

During the Online Kick-Off meeting, the consortium professionally discussed the following themes:

∙ Intellectual Output 1/A1 (Videos)
∙ Intellectual Output 1/A2 (Quiz)
∙ Intellectual Output 1/A3 (self-profiling test)
∙ Intellectual Output 2
∙ Project Management – Financial issues, Time Sheets
∙ Project Dissemination
∙ Project Evaluation

Additionally, the partners discussed in details the aims, the tasks, the responsibilities and the deadlines of the project’s Intellectual Outputs. Furthermore, the management of the project, together with administrative, financial issues and management groups were established.

Moreover, the partners agreed to have regular online meetings, the next online meeting will be in January 2021 before starting IO1/A2.

About the project:

The CUB@work project is based on literature review of statistical and results of research done at national and EU levels and partners own experiences. Studies show that there is an urgent need for qualified personnel in Europe. Therefore the focus of the CUB@work project on developing a system for supporting the users in strengthening their vocational competencies with particular focus on cultural unconscious bias. Through using the system, they will learn how to:

∙ understand unconscious bias
∙ reflect on one’s own unconscious bias
∙ cope manage their own unconscious bias in the recruitment process as well as in the workplace

Horizontally, the project will contribute to the social inclusion as it will promote the development of intercultural competences, by providing tools allowing for understanding unconscious bias, reflecting on it and managing it in the recruitment process as well as in the workplace.

It is extremely crucial for all organizations and institutions that, directed by the unconscious bias, can go wrong with staff recruitment and day-to-day HR management in general. Through innovative approach, CUB@work system, the project will promote non-discrimination and social inclusion at the workplace, increase cross-functional intercultural sensitivity, enabling and increasing opportunities for social inclusion and the integration for diversified learners.

CUB@work project would include digital learning material and tools and supports effective use of digital technologies in training of management and recruitments staff of SMEs.

Target group for the CUB@work project is:

∙ Management and recruitment staff of SME
∙ VET trainers and public officials responsible for VET policy

Project should be developed transnationally because the problem of unconscious bias is transnational in nature and working on its solution together with partners from different countries assures tackling it from various perspectives and with different experiences.