Emotional Intelligence workshop for prison guards with the special support by The Danish Prison Federation (Fængselsforbundet)

BrainLog team is eager to announce its contribution to the Training workshop for Emotional Intelligence for prison guards with the special support by The Danish Prison Federation (Fængselsforbundet i Danmark).

The Danish Prison Federation is a trade union representing workers in the Prison and Probation Service in Denmark, Greenland and the Faeroe Islands and special guests at the Emotional Intelligence Training Workshop for Prison Service Employees were the President of the Union - Bo Yde Sørensen, the Head of Communication –Søren Gregersen, and Gert Jensen - Prison Guards Spokesperson of Hovedstaden Area.

The Staff Training was organized on the 21st and 22nd of October, in relation with our Erasmus plus project - 3R – “(Respire, Remember, Respond) Emotional Intelligence for Reducing Recidivism” in Denmark. The evet was hosted by our Spanish partners -INDEPCIE SCA, in Córdoba, Spain. All project partners participate intensely to the event and more specifically the representatives from the Danish Prison Federation (Fængselsforbundet) had a special contribution in sharing their thrilling experience and good practices in daily routines of prison guards. During the training, the guests from the Danish Prison Federation (Fængselsforbundet) demonstrated different situations based on their real-life experiences, with the focus on exchanging ideas, knowledges, and to provide opportunity for all participants to explore the challenges and the benefits for staff working in criminal correctional justice system in Denmark and all partners countries. Thanks to their contribution a discusssion and a debate on possibilities for improvements of related policies to career support of prison officers in Europe and Denmark was raised with the aim for improving the social adaptability and as a result to reduce the leave rates of prison officers in Europe and Denmark

Additionally, all project partners were involved in interactive working groups with the focus on tools developed based on the following emotional intelligence skills: Self-control, Complex problem solving, Critical thinking, Resilience, Teamwork and Self-control.

BrainLog team had the pleasure to present Critical Thinking and Complex Problem Solving Modules.

Thanks to the special participation of our Danish partners from The Danish Prison Federation (Fængselsforbundet i Danmark), the well-organized event by INDEPCIE SCA and because of the active contribution of all project partners the training workshop was very productive and the outcomes of the event will be crucial for the development of the 3R project.

To learn more about 3R project, click HERE .