Training for the UNEX T-YOU project in Granada, Spain

BrainLog team head the pleasure to attend the training activities in Granada, in connection to our UNEX T-YOU project. The event was organised on the 25th, 26th and 27th of October and all participants were warmly welcomed by our Spanish partner - GROWTH COOP

All UNEX T-YOU partners were happy for the opportunity to meet face-to-face.

Thanks to the hard work of all project partners during the last months, for the period of three days, we had the opportunity to experience different activities and learning exercices connected to the UNEX T-YOU developed methods for:

  • "Improving reading practices";
  • "Understanding what we read";
  • "Developing written skills";
  • "Cultivating oral expression".

After each exercise, a discussion related to the experience was held, and experiences were exchanged and recommendations related to the exercises were given.

All project partners, were very active and the workshop was productive and interesting.

BrainLog team is glad to be part of the UNEX T-YOU project.

To learn more about the UNEX T-YOU project, follow our website -UNEX T-YOU.