“Entrepreneurship is the Key to Success” Project Closing Workshop in Denmark

BrainLog is excited to present that at the end of our Entrepreneurial project - Entrepreneurship is the Key to Success , BrainLog team organized a Multiplier Event in Denmark.

During the last two years, all eight project parters worked hard and thanks to their efforts and active collaboration during the past months, COVID-19 did not affect the progress of the project and on the 30th of September, BrainLog gladly presented to the potential Danish users the developed products - EKS Online game and EKS Handbook .

During the event, the participants had the oppotynity to learn about the EKS Simulation Game, which helps players to develop five key entrepreneurial mindset skills, which are also needed in all aspects of life. Namely, the skills developed are

    • Creativity
    • People Management
    • Critical Thinking
    • Complex Problem Solving
    • Coordination with others

    • All participants were informed that EKS products are focused on these five skills, in order to help users tackle the job market and further develop their ability to play an active societal role and reach a level of personal fulfillment that is satisfactory to them. Moreover, BrainLog had the pleasure to present the game scenarios which are created for the purpose of the useres to learn new entrepreneurial competences trhough their involvemnt in a real-life entrepreneurial situations.

      Furthermore, the EKS Didactic Handbook ,was presented as supportive material wich provides guidence to the users in order to make the most out of the game and enhance their personal development.

      Another form of guidance, was presented in a form of a feedback report which suggests better, more suited alternatives to solving the hypothetical scenarios within the game.

      As a conclusion form the event and participants reactions and feedback, there is not a doubt that the game provides a highly valuable, fun and beneficial experience to players of the EKS Simulation Game.

      Everyone who is interested in enhancing the most essential entrepreneurial competencies can acess the EKS Online game and EKS Handbook HERE.