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IMPRO project aims to encourage the development of the students’ creativity through theatre. Terefore, based on the values that we have to develop and promote among the students, the teacher/director will work on the staging of those daily situations of our young people in their cities or countries. Their dramatization and staging will help these young people to become aware of the problems and their solution, via social inclusion.

The target group is school children and youth in the broadest sense of the word, so that by acquiring an awareness of the serious problems of our society present in their immediate environment, and dramatizing them through the theatrical technique of dramatized improvisation, the core of our project, they will become aware of these shortcomings (perhaps of their own schoolmates who are very close to them), and acquire this awareness will address the solution of unjust situations.

With the purpose of the project, the technique of DRAMATISED IMPROVISATION would be the tool to encourage divergent thinking, imagination, fantasy and above all, creativity. The teachers will apply this technique so that the students become familiar with the story and its interpretation, and through the dramatization and rehearsals, we will hopefully achieve the integration of the students in the work group and develop the scheme of teamwork and the assumption of new roles that will arise from staging the stories.

The objectives of the project are going to be achieved by taking into account the diversity of students within the same school and classrooms, having the appropriate support to respond to heterogeneity and focusing on the dramatization skills of each student and the sense of belonging to the theatre group.

Final products :

1.Promotion of inclusion through creativity and theatre. This will be achieved by paying attention to the diversity of students within the same classroom and having the appropriate support to respond to heterogeneity. This will help to promote self-esteem, achievement, respect and a sense of belonging to the social group.

2.Dramatisation, which is, therefore, an ideal vehicle for the advancement of creative expression and, above all, for dealing with a great variety of situations and contexts, providing the student with resources to face up to unexpected and complex situations.

3.Working from theatre and the dramatization of these stories rich in values, we will achieve through its staging social inclusion, improving and changing attitudes that integrate the students, and also block the way to bullying and school absenteeism.

4. By awakening creativity in the students through art and theatre in the educational field, we will achieve an important component for the development of creativity. Preparing them to be good people, to overcome traumatic situations like the present one and to be respectful of others, is a fundamental task for European institutions.

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