Positive Paternal Engagement Project Kick-off Meeting in Angers, France

The first transnational Kick-off meeting of POSITIVE PATERNAL ENGAMENET project was held between 26th and 27th of November 2018 in Angers (France). The hosting organization Families Rurales and project coordinator have welcomed all project partners:

- DEFOIN Formacion para el Desarrollo y la Insercion (Spain);

- I & F (Instruction and Formation) (Ireland);

- VsI Skudutiskio Akademija (Lithuania);

- BrainLog (Norway);

The objective of “Positive Paternal Engagement” project is to promote social inclusion by offering to both women and men, through their balanced roles of parents, same power to shape society and their own lives.To reach this goal, PPE project aims to renew the family-oriented support activities in a ludic way by conceiving an escape game that would develop parent's knowledge and skills and help fathers to fully embrace their role as parents.

The objectives of the 1st transnational project meeting of the project:

• Learning to know each partner involved in the project ;

• Understanding partners realities related to the project (context, field of expertise, target groups, etc.) ;

• Understanding the project’s objectives and results to achieve ;

• Validating the implementation plan, retroplanning, objectives, results and the methods to be used ;

• Clarifying the administrative and financial monitoring ;

• Preparing the staff training session expected to take place in Norway summer 2019 ;