T-Box 2nd Meeting in Porto 2018

In the historical city of Porto (Portugal), between 4-5th of April (2018) the second international meeting of T-Box project was hosted by our partners - Apload and School EB 2/3 da Maia.

During the meeting all partners discussed the following project milestones:

• IO1 - Presentation and practical demonstration of one activity/tool from the national desk research;

• IO1 - Deciding on the final list of cards/methods to be developed and included in the T-BOX;

• IO1 – Discussing the format of the methodological texts/instructions for the teacher;

• IO1 – Discussions on the design of the card box and instructions for assembling the box;

• Presentation on the current financial issues Documents needed for preparation of the interim report;

• Evaluation and quality assurance – current situation and future actions;

• Dissemination activities – current situation and future actions;

• Review of the working plan and deadlines;

• Planning next events and project meetings in Denmark and Spain;

• Distribution of tasks among partners;

• Questions and review of the meeting;