T-Box Project Kick-off Meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria

BrainLog is happy to announce that the first Kick-off meeting of T-Box project was held on 2nd and 3rd of November 2017 in Sofia (Bulgaria). Verjinia Traikova (119 SU) and Rumyana Shalamanova (Know and Can Association) welcomed all the participants and presented the agenda. The partners introduced themselves and made presentations of their organizations.

- DEFOIN Formacion para el Desarrollo y la Insercion (presented by Javier Morales);

- Carlos V Sociedad Cooperativa de Ensenanza (presented by Benito Mateo Riera);

- APLOAD Lda. (presented by Jose Bronze);

- BrainLog (presented by Martin Savchev);

- Korup Skole (presented by Lena Mortensen);

- Know and Can Association (presented by Rumyana Shalamanova);

- 119 High School (presented by Diyan Stamatov).

During the project meeting the general concept of the project was discussed, followed by the main aims and outputs of each partner. The second meeting of T-Box project was decided to be held in Maia, Portugal on 4th and 5th of April 2018. The third meeting will be in Odense, Denmark between 25th and 26th of October.

The needed intellectual output for stage 1 of T-Box project has been presented by "Know and Can Association". The presentation included the leading partners, activities and deadlines. Five categories, which reflect the activities were defined:

• Move iT – Denmark

• Feel iT – Spain

• Sense iT – Portugal

• Think iT – Bulgaria

• Express IT – Poland

Each country will be responsible for one activity category. The activities corresponding to each category will be carefully studied and implemented during the educational process. We intend to develop, test and pilot 50 inclusive teaching tools that are designed to equip teachers with the tools to effectively motivate students, especially in risk of social exclusion, to engage in non-formal learning activities. The methods will be available in both online and paper versions. The online delivery will be through a website. The paper edition will be a cardboard box containing 50 cards. Each card will contain a short description of a 5- 10-minute inspiring activity/method to start each learning sessions with. The cards will synthesize all current global trends in non-formal and formal education, related to developing love and motivation for learning.

Our project realises that Salto Youth Resource Centres have produced massive database on youth work tools in various topics. We would like to complement their efforts by adding a specific group of innovative methods that trigger motivation for learning in a quick, effective and entertaining style for the learners in risk.