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BrainLog team is proud and happy to announce the successful approval of UNEX T-YOU project!

Throughout the 21st century, with the expansion of the digital revolution to all areas of daily life, education is undergoing a progressive transformation. A process in which the paper and the pencil are abandoned in favour of the touch of a screen; and with it, the static traditional methodology gives way to dynamism, creativity and modularity.

The way of teaching by teachers today is translated into interaction among students, generating opportunities for participation in academic classrooms. In this way, the unilateral communication was replaced by the bilateral process in which the teacher, in addition to transmitting their knowledge, also receives the ideas and learning of the students. In that sense, teaching occurs on both sides (teacher-student).

Today’s social and cultural changes require citizens trained with a critical, open and flexible mindset in the face of changes. Facing this challenge requires educational systems that stand out for the application of teaching methods that lead to the enhancement of thinking skills and a comprehensive training of students.

School success is the ability a teacher has to make a child think, help them grow, develop and achieve autonomy in their thinking. Once achieved, it can be stated that a teacher has succeeded in their role.

In order to learn and not just memorize, it is necessary to understand and even to be able to store in the long term memory. For this, it is helpful to understand and give meaning to what is being stored. Therefore, understanding may be seen as a way of using critical thinking, so asking questions may be better than just giving answers.

The benefits of reading as well as critical thinking are essential in higher education, especially for the optimal professional development of students in the knowledge era. Failure to help young people prepare adequately to face professional life in higher education will result in a serious disadvantage that may be detrimental for them throughout their academic training, in their search for a good job, or in the participation of civic and social activities. Learning to read, write, understand and learn to express oneself are necessary skills to face the challenges that students will have in a globalized world.

The development of critical thinking enables students with sufficient criteria to decide what and what not to receive as well as what to do with what is received, where it comes from, why it comes and through what resources.

With UNEX T-YOU PROJECT we intend to generate projects that allow educational spaces and strategies in favor of autonomy, social commitment, participation, creativity and the enhancement of the critical sense of the students. In this project the classroom is considered as an ideal space to take up and analyze the situations starting from the students’ own interest and the events of the particular context of a student. This, in turn, may be the subject to reflect and work upon in order to shape a more critical and autonomous thinking.

In UNEX T-YOU PROJECT we also face a great challenge since we will develop in our students the oral expression. We will design strategies to help students to expand their oral communication. We will begin by endowing our students with the importance of speaking clearly and coherently, creating a classroom environment based on trust and respect.

It is an innovative project that looks to the future with more traditional tools as a springboard, which have been used to work on the expression and understanding of oral and written texts.

The lack of interest in young people for reading sometimes has to do with the environment in which they develop. They may not know the value of the letters in a book and that this set of letters, phrases and concepts can help them improve the activities they carry out daily. Not knowing how to read may have a negative impact for, such as bad spelling, lack of culture and a loss of communicative skills.

UNEX T-YOU PROJECT is a project in which traditional methodology is combined with new technologies. They in turn should result motivating for students. It is about recovering some traditional methods that were very successful in the past and adapting them to the New Technologies. It will not only be based on writing news, but also creating the scripts of some pieces of news which will then be inserted and finally recorded. In this way we will be practicing simultaneous oral and written expression and the use of new technologies from several perspectives: recording, editing and assembling of images, with the final dissemination of the result. At the same time, we encourage critical thinking in our students in that thinking will be linked to formulating hypotheses, where there may be different points of view for a problem. By using ICT tools, students are expected to open up new questions as well as possible solutions while planning a whole array of strategies with which they will investigate the solutions to the new questions and problems.

With UNEX T-YOU we also intend to develop the linguistic and digital key competences in our students in an integrated manner, taking advantage of the endless possibilities offered by new technologies: blogs, creative writing platforms, online videos with self-assessment questions, social networks and the like.

The purpose of UNEX T-YOU PROJECT is to provide students with the necessary tools to perform efficiently and effectively in academic and work related environments, through the process of oral and written communication, elements that cannot be separated from our daily realms.

UNEX T-YOU PROJECT will recover some traditional methods and adapt them to the new digital era, improving the academic results of our students. At the same time it will develop in the students the ability to think critically, so that in this way they can manage well in society having their own judgment of things. With this training in mind, students should be able to manage well in society, be able to make good civic decisions, understand the consequences of their actions and ultimately have a clear mind for problem solving situations.

Project’s website: http://www.unextyou.com/en/

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