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BrainLog team with great pleasure would like to announce the successful approval of UP2B Project under Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership School Education, developed by our partner from Portugal – Apload Lda.

The UP2B partnership has identified a certain amount of needs placed at the School level. In fact, the partners jointly participated in previous direct experiences which allowed them to realize two major trends within the “School of today”, strongly related to each other:

– Old methodologies, when exhaustively applied by teachers today, directly lead to students’ demotivation and to early school leave (dropout/abandonment);
– Once out of the School system, being it at an earlier stage, being it after compulsory school completion, youngsters necessarily need to engage into the Labour Market, or, otherwise they will become NEETs – Neither in Employment nor in Education and Training. NEET rates are a fast growing phenomenon in the EU, posing great challenges and representing severe consequences for social cohesion and social progress.

The project will produce two different types of results: outputs and outcomes. Outputs are the direct tangible PRODUCTS achieved, while outcomes are the direct EFFECTS achieved both during the project lifespan and, highly important, beyond the project’s completion.

Intellectual Outputs:

IO1- ‘School & Job’ Community of Practice (CoP) and Active Repository of Teaching Tools: a networking platform and teaching tools repository, is also highly innovative as it will create a network of actors coming from different backgrounds but jointly innovating towards a better school. This solution is not restricted to teachers, rather amplified to a real broader community of actors. It is therefore a supportive tool for teachers and for the School Education domain, with the inputs of a broader community including, very specifically but not limited to, the labour market actors. CoP have been strongly reshaped in the last years, some advocating for their extinction, but the fact is that people in general, and Science and Education professionals in particular, have the need for peer sharing, peer co-working and peer reviewing. The teaching tools to be integrated in the platform will be ready-made solutions provided by the UP2B project’s promoters and, very importantly, by such a wide community as well.

IO2- ‘School & Job’ Matching Handbook: absolutely innovative as it will cover the widest range possible of school subjects (STEM, Arts, Sports, Citizenship, and other) in order to allow students to easily understand the applicability of each subject in real life context and supporting teachers raising motivation in class when tackling each subject.

IO3- ‘Boost Up Your Class’ – Citizenship & Job Pills Activities: will concur for the motivation of students and teachers in the classroom, providing ready-made solutions to illustrate but, above all, to invigorate the subjects being taught in class in due respect for horizontal domains of Citizenship and also for the possible labour market applicability. This product relies on the important current notion of ‘gamification’, providing for dynamic activities and games that the teacher can very suddenly use in order to gain fast results on students’ motivation and enthusiasm towards the teaching subjects (just as a ‘pill’ taken to reverse a sudden difficult condition).

IO4- ‘Boost Up Your Class’ – Citizenship & Job e-Pills Activities: will take the previous IO to a new dimension absolutely fundamental nowadays: the possibility to use a major part, or, if applicable, all, of the IO3 findings through digital solutions. This product will also allow for new solutions beyond IO3 findings since some tools and activities only exist or make sense in a digital way. Therefore, it constitutes the possibility to have all IO3 activities in a digital interactive media and to have additional only-digital activities to boost up classroom development and motivation by means of Citizenship and Labour Market approaches (including entrepreneurship in the applicable cases/subjects).

Website- providing for the visibility and dissemination of the project, its website is a fundamental tool to enlarge its recruitment base of participants and stakeholders; it will provide for a comprehensive information about the project and therefore should be listed as one of its products. In line with this, also the additional dissemination materials will: leaflets, newsletters and roll-ups.

Visit the official project website at: http://www.up2b.eu/

The main objectives of the project are:

• To enhance school attractiveness to both students and teachers, diminishing rates of students leaving shool early and the rates of demotivation and absence of students and teachers;
• To facilitate the transition between School Education and VET Education;
• To facilitate the transition between School and the Labour Market;
• To increase the sense of citizenship among school students by generating awareness about the labour market and its wide range of possibilities.

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