NordPlus project “Let’s Get to Know Denmark and Finland” Partners Had an Online Project Management Meeting

Nov 24, 2023

Yesterday, our team had the privilege of joining our NordPlus project “Let’s Get to Know Denmark and Finland” partners for an insightful online project management meeting 🌍 Together, we delved into planning the upcoming tasks and charting the course for the project’s success.

📚 Currently, our dedicated team is hard at work crafting a unique course centered around the rich tapestry of the Danish language and culture. 🇩🇰 We are thrilled about this fantastic opportunity to showcase the beauty and nuances of Danish language and culture in an engaging course, set to be unveiled in March 2024!

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting journey of exploration and cultural discovery! 🚀 #NordPlusProject #CulturalExchange #LanguageLearning #ProjectUpdate



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