4 Talents Diagnosis System Piloting Session in Denmark orginized by BrainLog

Nov 3, 2023

🚀 Exciting News from BrainLog in Denmark! 🌍

We recently hosted the 4Talents Piloting Session, a crucial step in our project’s journey. 🌟

The objective of the Erasmus + project 4Talents is to bring unemployed young adults from disadvantaged groups into the labor market

During this event, we had the pleasure of welcoming 10 enthusiastic representatives from our target group. Their valuable insights and feedback are instrumental in fine-tuning the 4 Talents Diagnosis System to perfection.

BrainLog’s extensive network and connections played a key role in assembling this talented group, ensuring that we had a diverse and insightful range of participants.

The focus of our gathering was the 4Talents Diagnosis System. We presented the project’s objectives and results, with a spotlight on this innovative system. Our participants dove into the platform to explore its features and functionality.

The feedback we received was positive! 🌟 Participants found the Diagnosis System to be incredibly useful, easy to navigate, and rich in informative content.

But that’s not all – our work is far from over. All partners are diligently conducting piloting sessions in their respective countries, gathering feedback and suggestions for further improvements. This collaborative effort will lead to the development of an even more refined and user-friendly Diagnosys System.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver a final version that is accessible in all partner languages, making it a valuable resource for everyone involved.
Stay tuned for more updates!



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