4Talents Transnational Project Management Meeting in Granada, Spain

Mar 24, 2023

The BrainLog team recently participated in the Transnational Project Management Meeting held in Granada for the Erasmus+ project 4Talents. The two-day event, which took place on the 20th and 21st of March, was organized by our Spanish partners, GrowthCoop, and thanks to them the meeting was a great success.

The primary focus of the meeting was to discuss the consortium’s achievements and to plan for upcoming milestones. Currently, the consortium is working on the development of Result 2 – Diagnosis System for Disadvantaged Young Adults. The objective of the Diagnosis System is to assist users in defining personal talents and identifying their career paths.

The program will assess participants’ skills, interests, and potentials, and the software will generate proposals for particular professions for which the individuals are naturally suited and likely to progress well. This system will help users to find their calling and pursue careers that align with their interests and abilities.

During the meeting, the consortium members discussed the progress made in developing the Diagnosis System and identified the next steps. The consortium shared their ideas on how to make the system more user-friendly and accessible to a broader audience.

Overall, the Transnational Project Management Meeting for Erasmus+ 4Talents was a great success, and the BrainLog team looks forward to continuing their work with the consortium. The project has the potential to significantly impact the lives of disadvantaged young adults by providing them with the tools they need to find fulfilling careers and reach their full potential.



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