BrainLog Leading the Way Together With All Project Partners: Flipped Learning in DigiComPass Erasmus+ Project!

Oct 6, 2023

🤝 Online Project Management Meeting for the Digicompass Erasmus+ Project! 🚀

On the 5th of October, we had a fantastic online gathering with our incredible partners from the Erasmus+ project, Digicompass ! 🌐💼 We discussed our current achievements and laid the foundation for our upcoming milestones. 📈🗓️

The aim of the Digicompass Project is to develop a modern accreditation model for digital competencies (based on the DigComp 2.1 Framework for Citizens).

As a consortium, we’re passionately working on the development of the course structure and content. At BrainLog, we’re thrilled to take the lead in crafting the Safety Module, which will be comprised of 6 Units! 🛡️💡 Our team is hard at work, and committed to ensuring that this module will be informative, engaging, and beneficial for all participants. 🧠✨

Stay tuned, as we can’t wait to share the developed versions of all the modules with you in the near future! 📚🤩

Thank you to our dedicated partners for their enthusiasm and hard work! Together, we’re making strides in shaping the future of digital skills education. 🌟



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