Embarking on a Nordic Adventure: BrainLog’s New NordPlus Project Let’s get to KNOW Denmark and Finland Kick-Off Meeting in Helsinki, Finland

Sep 29, 2023

🚀 Exciting News! BrainLog Team at the Kick-Off Meeting for our new NordPlus project, “Let’s Get to Know Denmark and Finland.”

In this project, we are hard at work developing a fantastic learning platform. The Danish version will have two main components: lessons focused on the Danish language and lessons delving into the rich Danish culture. 📚🌍

During the Kick-Off meeting, which was located at the OPH Finnish National Agency for Education in Helsinki, we meticulously planned out all upcoming milestones in the development process. 🗓️

A big shoutout to our fantastic hosts, Anmiro Oy, for their superb organization, and to all participants Soros International House, Vilnius for their active engagement. Teamwork makes the dream work! 🙌

On the second day of the Project Management Meeting, our BrainLog team had the opportunity to showcase our achievements in Erasmus+ projects:

8 Ways to Save the Planet – The project aims to encourage students to understand global issues and engage in sustainable behavior. The project has environmental, health, and educational objectives, with the aim of promoting sustainability and reducing obesity rates by promoting healthy diets and habits.

Digicomplex – The Digicomplex Digicomplex objectives are to develop cooperation between the community, school, teachers, and students through the use of advanced information technology tools.

4Talents – The objective is to bring unemployed young adults from disadvantaged groups into the labor market

Stay tuned for more updates as our journey unfolds! 🌐#BrainLogTeam#NordPlus#ProjectKickOff



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