Kick-Off meeting for the Erasmus + project Peer Mentoring for Prison Staff” (M4PRIS) in Denmark

Jan 26, 2023

The “Peer Mentoring for Prison Staff” (M4PRIS) is a project for designing and developing an innovative educational handbook for prison officers. The kick-off of the project was hosted in Odense, Denmark, by BrainLog and supported by the Danish Prison Officers Union (Fængselsforbundet i Danmark), where together with all partners, a visit to Søbysøgård State Prison was organized. Different educational programs were presented, including an innovative program for service dog training. 

During the meeting, all project management milestones and project product development were discussed.

The project is a collaboration of partners coming from different countries and working on a common goal – to develop the following results: 

1. Blueprint of Prison Staff Mentoring;
2. Peer Mentoring Programme for Prison Staff;
3. Training Course for Mentoring Coordinators;

The consortium for the project is:

BrainLog (Denmark), 
Fængselsforbundet i Danmark (Danish Trade Union of Prison Officers)
SNPP Politia Penitenciara Organizatie sindicala majoritara din Politia Penitenciara (Romania), 
Aproximar (Portugal), 
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium) 
Athens Lifelong Learning Institute (Greece)



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