NEW project approved (M4Pris)

Aug 30, 2022

❗️❗️📣 A new project has once again been successfully approved with BrainLog as its main coordinator and beneficiary. Titled “Peer mentoring for prison staff” (M4Pris), the project aims to design a peer mentoring program for prison staff with the intent of increasing the staff’s knowledge driven by a green training methodology.

For this project, BrainLog is proud to partner with:

✅ Fængselsforbundet (Danish Prison Federation) from Denmark (;

✅Approximar – Cooperativa De Solidariedade Social from Portugal (;

✅ National Union of Prison Workers (Sindicatul Național al Polițiștilor de Penitenciare) from Romania, (;

✅ Katholieke Universiteit Leuven from Belgium KU Leuven from Belgium (;

✅ Asociatia Vis Juventum from Romania (;

✅ Athens Lifelong Learning Institute from Greece (;

The main products of the project will aim at developing:

🔰Blueprint of Prison Staff Mentoring across European countries

🔰Peer Mentoring Programme for Prison Staff

🔰 Training course for mentoring Coordinators in European prisons



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