Green Impact Measured – FACILITATION GUIDE

Apr 20, 2023

Sustainability has become an increasingly important issue today, with businesses and organizations around the world recognizing the need for sustainable practices. The Nordplus project – β€œGreen Impact Measured,” is a collaborative effort between four organizations across Europe: Lietuvos socialinio verslo asociacija, SwIdeas, BrainLog, and Newdoor, aimed at promoting sustainability among social enterprises.

  • The facilitation guide for delivering impact self-assessment workshops is a resource for social entrepreneurs, educators, and trainers to provide workshops to a wide range of adult learners and promote sustainable practices.
  • The facilitation guide includes theoretical information, resources, links, and activities that can be completed within teams or groups.
  • The guide recognizes that enterprises in different sectors have different needs.
  • Therefore, it is based on a self-reflection and self-assessment approach. Information and activities will be presented for users to reflect on their business and capabilities to draft their personalized green impact measurement strategy.

After the conducted Piloting workshops in all partners’ countries and the gathered valuable feedback and recommendations for improvements, the final version of the FACILITATION GUIDE can be accessed HERE



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