Online Project Management Meeting for the Erasmus+ project WiseMe

Apr 17, 2024

📅On the 16th of April, the BrainLog team joined an online meeting with our incredible partners from the WiseME project! 🚀 We discussed our progress, shared insights, and planned exciting upcoming activities. We’re thrilled about the advancements we’re making together and can’t wait to see the impact of our collective efforts. Stay tuned for more updates!

The project aims to support the development of a high-performing digital education ecosystem by building capacity and a critical understanding of how to exploit the opportunities offered by digital technologies for teaching and learning at all levels.

The focus is on fostering both basic and advanced digital skills as well as digital literacy, which has become essential for everyday life and for enabling people to navigate a world full of algorithms and fully participate in civil society and democracy

WiseMe Objectives

🌟Provide training resources for teachers to understand and teach the detection of fake news, through the educational use of social networks, and improve digital competencies.
🌟Develop two digital tools (platform and game) for training and educational resources.
🌟Design educational resources so that teachers can implement actions in the classroom.

Project Results and Activities:

🚀Result 1: Project Management and Implementation
This set of activities includes the rightful coordination of the overall tasks, internal and external communication of the consortium of partners, and maintenance of the project’s information.

🚀Result 2: Designing Training for secondary teachers in the management of disinformation (fake news) and the use of social media in the classroom
🚀Result 3: Teacher’s Manual and Educational Platform
🚀Result 4: EduBot to facilitate navigation on the platform and the use of educational resources.

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