PROMOTE KICK-Off Meeting in Valladolid, Spain

May 20, 2024

🌟 We are excited to announce BrainLog’s participation as representatives from Denmark in the innovative PROMOTE project! Alongside our esteemed Danish partners, Fængselsforbundet (Danish Prison Federation), we are thrilled to contribute to this important initiative aimed at transforming professional development in Europe’s correctional systems and to be part of the KICK-OFF Meeting in Valladolid, Spain. 🇩🇰

Project Overview

Under the coordination of Penitenciarul Timișoara and through the collaborative effort of 18 partners from 10 different countries, the PROMOTE project is on a mission to reshape how correctional professionals are trained and equipped.

How Are We Making a Difference?

🔹 Developing a Comprehensive Curriculum and Certification Programs: 📜 We are designing tailored programs to equip correctional practitioners with essential skills for effective offender reintegration. These programs aim to enhance professional competencies, ensuring that practitioners are well-prepared to support the rehabilitation process.

🔹 Creating Centers of Vocational Excellence in all partners’ countries: 🏫 By establishing these centers, we are democratizing access to high-quality learning resources. These centers will enable correctional staff to continuously develop their skills, fostering environments that support successful rehabilitation outcomes.

Our Commitment and Gratitude

🙏 We are committed to the success of the PROMOTE project and believe in its potential to bring about significant improvements in the correctional systems across Europe. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the diverse group of project partners from across Europe who participated in the kick-off meeting in #Valladolid, Spain. Your dedication and collaborative spirit are the driving forces behind this initiative. 🤝

Together, we are paving the way for a brighter future in correctional education and rehabilitation. 🌍✨

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